May 2021

Mrs. Thao Nguyen, Mrs. Luwawa, Mrs. Hamdane and Mr. Mulamreddy will present at The First Canadian Peptide and Protein Community Virtual Symposium !

Congratulations to Mrs. Villeneuve for her CCVC fellowship !

Congratulations to Mrs. Luwawa for her FRQNT fellowship !

4 new members joined the lab

Apr 2021

Mrs. Hamdane & Mr. Atmuri paper regarding Nai dipeptides was published in Org. Lett, congratulations !

Mar 2021

Congratulations to Mr. Maarouf for his NSERC fellowship !

Jan 2021

1 new member joined the lab

Nov 2020

Congratulations to Mr. Maarouf for his André-Beauchamp award !

Mr. Wei presented successfully her seminar, congratulations !

Oct 2020

Mrs. Thao Ngyen and Mrs. Hamdane will present at The U of Ottawa Centre for Chemical and Synthetic Biology 5th annual Chemical and synthetic Biology Days Talk, congratulations !

Sep 2020

1 new member joined the lab

June 2020

We moved to MIL Campus !

Congratulations to Mr. Poupart to have successfully defended his thesis !

May 2020

Congratulations to Mrs. Crifar to have successfully defended her thesis !