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  • A preprint of our review on benzotriazepines is now online! Kudos to undergraduate student Sarah Maude Harvey, who piloted this overview of the privileged structure in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry (DOI: 10.1139/cjc-2023-0146) !

  • Bill gave the lecture "Inspired by Morten and the other hand of tryptophan”  at the Morten Meldal Symposium 2024: !




  • Congratulations to Yousra for being distinguished with the 3rd best poster award at the 12th annual Journée scientifique du Groupe de recherche universitaire sur le médicament (GRUM) !

  • Kajumee, Nassim, Xiaozheng, and Yousra will present posters at the GRUM 2023 Symposium, while Charity will be giving an oral presentation .

  • Congratulations to Sarah-Maude Harvey, who was distinguished with first prize in the inaugural Undergraduate Research Stage Poster Competition, «Concours d’affiches des stages de recherche » of the Chemistry Department (UdeM) for her poster entitled “Synthesis of 1,3,5,8-Tetrasubstituted 1,3,4-Benzotriazepin-2-ones as Urocontrin Peptidomimetics” . 

  • Undergraduates Sarah-Maude Harvey and Juan Camilo Fonseca will be present posters at the inaugural Undergraduate Research Stage Poster Competition of the Chemistry Department (UdeM) .

  • Congratulations to Kajumee, who received the Grand'Maison Medicinal Chemistry Award !

  • Congratulations to Yousra, who received the André-Beauchamp Award for excellence in teaching !

  • Take a look at Xiaozheng et al's publication on Urotensin II Receptor Modulation with 1,3,4-Benzotriazepin-2-one Tetrapeptide Mimics in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (DOI: 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.3c01307) .

  • Check out the publication by Minh Tao et al's on Systematic Exploration of Functional Group Relevance for Anti-Leishmanial Activity of Anisomycin in Biomedicine (DOI : 10.3390/biomedicines11092541) .

  • 1 member joined the lab !

  • Ali will start his professional career at NuChem Science, congratulations !​

  • Juan and Nassim will be presenting at the 2023 CGCC Symposium .

  • Nassim, Charity, Yousra and Xiaozheng will be presenting at the 28th American Peptide Society Meeting !

  • 1 member joined the lab .

  • Bill, Xiaozheng and Charity will be presenting at the 2023 Canadian Society of Chemistry Meeting .

  • Congratulations to Juan for winning a CGCC Undergraduate fellowship !

  • Congratulations to undergraduate students Sarah and Justin for winning an NSERC fellowship !

  • Congratulations to junior college student Juan, who will pursue his undergraduate study in chemistry at McGill University !

  • 4 members joined the lab .


From left to right : Anthony Davis, Bill, Pernille Harris, Mikael Bols, Phaedria Marie St. Hilaire, Morten P. Meldal, Annette Beck-Sickinger, Christian W. Tornøe, Benjamin List, Klaus Bock, Frederik Diness, Knud Jensen, John Wade.

Prospective students

Our laboratory trains students and post-doctoral fellows in peptide science and medicinal chemistry.

Positions are available for talented candidates, who are interested in exploring novel organic synthesis methods to make tools for studying active conformers and therapeutic prototypes for treating unmet medical needs. 

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